Vallea Lumina

Deep within the forest, legend has it that there’s a secret trail through the trees that leads to a hidden valley where stardust falls from the sky. There’s a way to get there but few know how to find it, follow the trail marked only by the lingering traces of two long-ago hikers. The beautiful mysteries from this night will stay with those who find it long after they leave.

Moment Factory and the Adventure group proudly present this unforgettable twilight experience. Vallea Lumina is a pathway through an old-growth forest that will take visitors of all ages through a magical night walk full of hidden wonders, telling a story that unfolds in chapters along the way.

Duration: 30-45 minutes through the forest.

Winter availibility- November 27th to April 11th

What to bring:

-Warm winter clothes (It can be very cold and snowy!)

-Good sturdy shoes

-A camera

-A sense of adventure!

*The undulating trails are not recommended for those with reduced mobility as there are some staircases involved. *Strollers are not permitted on the trails, the use of baby carriers is recommended. *Umbrellas are not permitted, the show runs hail, rain or shine so be prepared.