Vallea Lumina Summer


A multimedia night walk in pursuit of hidden wonders. Old stories tell of the wondrous things that happen near Whistler. Between the trees, in the shadow of mountains, legends say there’s a hidden valley where stardust falls from the sky, filling all living things with its pure light. There’s a way to get there, but few know how to find it. The pathway is marked only by the lingering traces of two long-ago hikers. Join an evening excursion in search of a hidden valley that’s filled with unexpected enchantment. The legends hold that its beautiful mysteries stay with those who find it long after they leave.


The Vallea Lumina pathway is 1.5 km of undulating trail and takes between 40 minutes to 60 minutes to complete depending on each visitor. Please plan for the experience to take 1 hour. The whole experience is in the coastal rainforest, and includes some steep uphill and downhill sections.

  • We recommend booking in advance because our show times are very popular. Particularly the earliest shows of the evening!
  • Please arrive at the showtime listed on your ticket.

*The undulating trails are not recommended for those with reduced mobility as there are some staircases involved. *Strollers are not permitted on the trails, the use of baby carriers is recommended. *Umbrellas are not permitted, the show runs hail, rain or shine so be prepared.