• Marketing & Advertising of your property through proven channels
  • Vetting and qualifying all inquiries
  • Scheduling cleaning/laundry services
  • Notifying property owners of any maintenance or repair issues
  • Taking care of any maintenance/repairs issues once approved by yourselves (through establishedprofessional contacts)
  • Personal visits to your property to ensure everything is in order
  • Provide you with a booking schedule/online calendar
  • A personal touch – If you require basic groceries or lift tickets I can ensure they are in your property prior to your arrival

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If you are considering renting out your property in Whistler and have decided that you either don’t have the time or the inclination to take on the burden of marketing your property and managing all the aspects that come with that, then I can help.

I run a small boutique property management/booking agency providing a full service to you as a property owner. As an owner of a property in Whistler myself I know the stress and implications of renting out your own home. For me it was always about generating enough income but equally ensuring that our property was respected by the guests. Obviously as an owner you will have your own reason for wanting to rent your property.

As someone who has worked not only in the marketing arena for a number of years but also managed properties from abroad, I know how important it is to not only look after the guests but also the owners! There’s nothing worse than coming back to your property only to find it just doesn’t feel like it should.

As a small agency I take great pride in providing a very personal service to each and every one of my owners. I also ensure that guests have a great experience – not just during their stay, but in the lead up to their vacation and also once they’ve departed.

I also recognize that the needs of each owner are unique and therefore offer a flexible plan based on your individual requirements.